What we do?

Scroll Studio offers services to plan, design and apply patterns and various images onto all kinds of surfaces. Walls, ceilings and floors can all be decorated, using a variety of materials and application methods, making your space stand out with a unique and distinct visual statement.

The work process of the studio begins with getting to know and understand the customer or architect as early as possible in the process. After defining the needs and the vision for the project we continue with
a tailored design that matches the right materials and work methods best suited for the customer and project. We complete the process by implementing the design with a team of experienced and skilled artisans.

These three stages, from the initial idea to the final touch, use a fusion

of traditional craft techniques alongside advanced design and  technologies, all leading to a unique, professional, and precise results.


Where do we do what we do?

Any private, commercial or public space; restaurants, exhibit rooms, hotels and homes. We can design, plan and apply commercial logos, signage and direction signs in public spaces. We offer drawings and illustrations for urban environments, unique works for schools and theater and more.

Any private space that needs a fresh highlight can be improved with new colors and shapes. It can be a bedroom wall, an illustrated hallway facing the street or a large scale floor painting.


About us

Ketty Kanevsky, B.A in art history from Tel Aviv University and a M.A

in Conservation of Material Cultural Heritage from Haifa University, specializes in conservation and restoration of mural paintings and artifacts.

Galit Marciano, B.Des in Visual Communication from Bezalel Academy

in Jerusalem, is a digital & print designer with a broad experience

in designing commercial brands and creating visual visions for commercial and art establishments.


We bring to each project our passion for art, design and the intimate know-how of applying both traditional and historical painting methods and the mastery of advanced technologies and material application.

We aspire to create distinct structures and spaces, that transform

a deep experience of the object’s environment into a balanced,

collective visual statement.

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